Bridge of Flowers

Trolley Gate  2010

Pothole Fountain  2011
Design: Julie Petty, Paul Forth, John Sendelbach
Installation: Paul Forth of Stone Creations

In 2011 I collaborated with then Bridge of Flowers Chair Julie Petty, and Stonemason Paul Forth to create the Pothole Fountain.  Bob Compton's ( beautiful hand forged signage had recently been installed, and Julie was itching to upgrade the cheap plastic pond that was in the vicinity.  The idea arose between us to design an infinite water pool emulating the glacial potholes, in the spirit of the work of our old compatriate Louis Pomerantz. (  I created a drawing, the committee approved, and Paul was hired to do the installation.  

Along the way he proposed filling a difficult gap in the paver stones with polished black stones that form the shape of Africa...a sort of homage to his 2 mixed race daughters....seen bottom left in the picture below.  That's Robert Downy Jr lower right, during the filming of The Judge.

Thanks to Gary Warner ( and W.R. Hillman & Sons for donating the stone and services.  Paul and his assistant Jason did a marvelous job.  Most of my career has been spent actualizing other people's visions.  This time it was my vision manifesting through Paul and Jason, and they exceeded my expectations.  Their precision and attention to detail is revealed through the apparent simplicity of the composition which overrides the underlying complexity of the project.  I am happy to report it has become a cherished element in the sublime setting at the eastern end of the former trolley path.

River Bench  2014

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