Saturday, June 4, 2016

Custom carved stone basin sequence

A glacial stone of gneiss, which in this one shows a strong margin:

while propped to the level I want, the top is removed to make a flat surface:

I roughed out the shape of the pool, and did plunge cuts with a 7 inch diamond blade:

the cuts weaken the material to allow me to hammer and chisel the chunks away:

a little more to go for the rough basin:

roughing out complete, now for some grinding with a 4 inch diamond blade:

initial basin smoothing complete:

smoothing the edge of the pool, left side is done:

after finishing the smoothing of the top, the bottom is flattened:

 Bottom with the hardest rock remaining:

Bottom complete, with signature:

Wetted dwn final product:

A little bit of water to show shape of pool:

Water just below the rim:

©2023 John Sendelbach